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What is an ISPO?

An ISPO is a revolutionary new fundraising mechanism that is more fair, inclusive, and secure. It is a unique financing tool that allows the community to support their favorite project without investing their own assets, but instead leveraging Cardano’s native reward incentive structure.‌

How to Participate?

The Cardano wallets, like Yoroi or Daedalus, allow ADA holders to delegate their funds to a stake pool in exchange for staking rewards. To participate in the ISPO you will simply need to delegate to Genius Yield’s stake pools. In return, you will be rewarded with $GENSX tokens based on the amount of ADA staked, the duration of staking, and a number of stakers in each Epoch. Vesting period applies (please see FAQ section below for more details).

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  • Total $GENSX Rewards: 250,000,000 $GENSX
  • ISPO Launch: May 15th, 2022 (epoch 339)
  • ISPO End: September 12th, 2022 (epoch 363)
  • Duration: 4 months (25 Epochs)
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